The Library: A Communal Cocoon for Metamorphosis of the Mind.

LOCATION: Kentucky

PROFESSOR: Michael Jacobs of Omni Architects

COLLABORATOR: Abisai Martinez

In biology, metamorphosis is defined as a striking change in the form or structure of an individual after birth. In the human experience, the closest we can get to this natural phenomenon of our winged counterparts is personal growth through the gaining of knowledge. Rooted in the promotion of lifelong learning, expressive freedom, and democracy, the library or ìcommunal cocoon,î encases a habitat that both inspires and is inspired by human evolution. As a shelter to the communities they exist in, libraries must continuously transform to meet the needs of our ever changing world. Through their open doors we enter, with open minds we reemerge. These timeless structures have always been and always will be essential to the seemingly limitless blooming of consciousness in both the individual and community at large. A Visit to the library is so much more than a simple consumption of information, but rather, the first step in the incubation of communication, education, and transformation.