LOCATION: University of Kentucky

Graduate Thesis Project, Interiors

Experimental, Meditative Movement + Media Arts Research Installation.

react. exists by embracing 5 key elements: light, color, sound, media, and movement. The interaction of individual and installation helps explore the alchemy of the user’s physical and emotional energy. Inside, the participant interacts with their environment to augment vibrant hues that mimic the mood they feel in the moment. Influenced by sound, explorative movement is encouraged.


Projected visuals will morph with the changing shapes of body and sound into a kaleidoscope of expression. Here, you can move. Here, you can meditate. Here, you can make art that mirrors the landscapes residing in your mind. Disappear in dance and liberate your senses, flowing in and out of the beat as you transcend body and mind. react. embodies what it is to burn by allowing an individual to freely express and explore their truest self. This portal will transport and translate a genuinely interactive playa experience to virtually anyone, anywhere in the world.