Today I woke up rushed. I woke to a call saying my new Pod walls were out for delivery and had to jumpstart my day quickly. It is super cold here in Kentucky today so I bundled up and went on my way. I am devoting myself to meditation each morning before my feet touch the floor, ((its a new resolution of mine)), but today, rushing to be somewhere my focus was not there were several instances where I would check the time. This morning's practice was a basic 15 minute session with Wim Hof, and while I prefer to practice this breathing in complete focus, life goes on and sometimes we have to work through chaos. So I cut the meditation short while in bed, got ready for my day and jumped in the car. I went through the breathing methods while driving to my studio and I will say, I don't remember much about the drive besides breathing... the trip was smooth and perfectly timed to the arrival of the walls.

I am beginning a super exciting design job in the upcoming weeks, so I had to come back home and prepare a schedule to be approved by the owners of the property. I have been experiencing nerves leading up to beginning the project and working on a detailed plan of how I plan to tackle the tasks at hand have helped me settle into my nerves and I am feeling really excited. Most of the technology I will be installing in the Pod arrived today, too. So I have been unboxing and preparing to set that up tonight-- it is pod crunch time and I am feeling the energy I need to finish strong! I am probably most eager to get the camera in place and really start augmenting the projection to really bring the immersive quality I envision within.

As I was using what little bit of free time I have, scrolling on IG, I came across a Zoom class by 5Rhythm's instructor, Lucy Howgego. I have been skeptical of taking online dance classes or participating in any sort of Zoom stuff at all, but I felt called to sign up and give myself an hour and a half of time to be lead through movement and to really drop into my space. In the midst of creating the Pod, I find a lot of my dancing is focused around creating art as a result. It has been quit sometime since I have really fell into the 5 rhythms with no distractions or expectations and it is something I craved and didn't even know I was craving.

I have studied the 5Rhythms for over a year now and while I have participated in many dance circles throughout that time, I have yet to be guided through a 5Rhythms focused class. So, to say I was excited to finally join is a bit of an understatement.

Showing up in the Zoom room, I was met by a pretty diverse crowd of strangers from all over Europe. Dropping into share space and dance with total strangers is something that will never lose its power, even if it is through a little screen.

Our session today was rooted in flowing. The focus on fluidity, following, grounding and receiving. As I began practice, I was experiencing a lot of inertia. My dancing pushed back as I familiarized myself with all of the body parts, trying to feel my feet and move so I could feel them. Trying to feel my spine and move so it was the focus. I was trying to use my mind to control my body, inquiring about how I was moving and what that must mean. My flowing felt very choreographed, a little unbalanced, and in the wake of connecting to my breath. I walked in a lot of circles and returned to the back and forth motion in my feet, creating an invisible line around the areas I would be using for movement. I kept my eyes open and was focused on trying to get into the feeling.

As the beat picked up, still rooted in flowing, the sharpness of staccato began to invite its way in. She talked and asked a lot about opening from the heart and I found it challenging to get there in staccato. I was trying so hard to expand and open into something, to sync my hips to my feet to my hands, and find a pace of breath that matched it all. This build up had me wanting to lose control of my body but grasping on to the sharpness and connectivity of my limbs. It was as if I needed to dance to open a door, but I had weights on my limbs that made my movements smaller and stiffer than I had hoped.

And in the experience of all of this, the drums took over and I felt a sense of release. My balance seemed on enough to support me with closed eyes, the sharpness was now flowing and the pace of the movements throughout my body began to take their own shape. My mind decided to give up on trying to tell every part of my body what to do and I found myself smiling. Specifically, when we dropped into a tribal drum circle, my upper body was finding new space, forwards and backwards, while the springs of my feet and the strength of my knees kept me grounded. In this moment of chaos, I experienced the feeling. Peace. Release. and a completely joyful rush that had me so energized I felt as if I couldn't stop. Within this movement, not only was I taking up the entire space of my studio, the space inside my body felt as though it was opening up. There was room to feel the breath throughout my limbs and torso, all while trusting each area of my body to express and release as needed.

As the intensity slowed and we travelled into lyrical, I needed to regulate my breath and relish in the feeling of openness in my inner realms. I was washed over with a very feminine force and my body was still able to move without my mind controlling. My mind was on the breath and being able to feel it all flowing through me. Lyrical brings me a sense of unity and happiness as I begin coming back from being lost in the chaos.

As we dwindled into stillness, I felt that amazing experience of connectedness to the people I shared the dance with. Lucy took time to spotlight each person in the class and seeing everyone shining in their own rhythm, totally in the flow was so so so beautiful. A communal effort to find joy and drop out of the chatter and into our bodies, together. I came to the class searching for peace and I felt the most chilling rush of it in that moment. As I took to stillness, my mind was racing with ideas for my upcoming design project. I was in a state of free creativity with no stress or pressure, just inspiration and excitement-- exactly the place I long to be when my anxiety is the driver.

I am so grateful for the 5Rhytms practice. The way it delivers such insight and unity between the mind in body is a true, sober feeling of ecstasy in the midst of presence. I am going to be working on/painting the Pod this evening and plan to end my day reading the "Flowing" chapter of Sweat Your Prayers. Week one of this six week embodiment series was an absolute success and has shifted my mindset into a positive and radiant space.

Here's a reminder to drop out of the world and flow through the rhythms now and again. Inhabiting your body and being present in the experience of true expression is a gift we all deserve and can obtain if we allow ourselves. The only things happening that we have any power over is ourselves, this is an ever present theme in my life and my constant reminder to wake up and be better each and every day.

What is your movement practice? Where do you flow?

Onward, my friends... please don't stop dancing.

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