July 14th my best friend came to town. The last time we explored SF, it was me packing up to come home from my yoga summer. This time, a mid-trip, "I NEED YOU." It was really nice and super refreshing. I got to spend the week on a date, exploring new places by convertible and hanging out with my PIC. It was a week of nature, drinking coca cola, and laughing a lot with the random cat fights we always find ourselves in.

DAY 1: Golden Gate Park + The Mission

Starting the day bright and early, it began with yummy vegan eats at The Butcher's Son in Berkeley and a little thrift shopping. No matter how many times you tell someone it's cold in San Francisco, it's always going to be a necessity to get warmer clothes. Around noon we hit Golden Gate Park to get lost in The Conservatory of Flowers. This space is breath taking and an amazing space to roam around I left realizing how vast and intense the existence of plants is to begin with. So many species and detail in each and every leaf and flower there. Beauty, wonder, and so much uniqueness.

It took us almost two hours to see the whole conservatory then leading to the Japanese Tea Garden. We were shocked once inside, at how large the space was and how much more we had to explore. The gardens were diverse in visitors and nature, alike. We enjoyed some tea and soup as well as strolling across little bridges and, of course, people watching.

My goal was to surprise D with a trip to Mark McCloud's wondrous home of Illegal Images. I had researched the best way to set up a time with him by both calling and email and after 2 long weeks of attempting to contact, the only option was to physically show up on his doorstep and hope for entry! We were greeted by a friend of Mark's with no luck of getting inside, but the trip to the Mission and gaining the balls to even approach and knock on the home's door in the first place was worth it. We followed the turn away with our (maybe favorite ever?) cheesecurds and some drinks at The Sycamore then bouncing to my favorite rooftop view of the city, El Techo for some yummy and way too expensive tequila and guacamole and of course a cute little skip down Clarion Alley.

DAY 2: Nature In Oakland + Hiking Lands End

Monday's are yoga day here. I practiced with Annie while D drank coffee and explored some of the neighborhood. I had been told a couple weeks prior about the permaculture exhibit in the hills of Oakland. Owned by Merrit College, a little haven tucked away on an amazing hill side, only a couple miles from downtown. After yoga and breakfast, we began our day of adventuring there along with my awesome roommates, Maddi and Angelo. We were able to wander around, try the food that was being grown, and have a chat with one of the ladies working there. It was a breath of fresh air to be surrounded by such a thriving ecosystem. One of many living things, we being the only people. This then lead us to our next adventure searching for grand Redwoods in The Redwood Regional Forest in Oakland. Lottttts of walking and climbing for some amazing views and great conversations. We finished there realizing the day was sill young and we were craving more adventure.

With the perks of driving a drop top, we decided to blast some music and travel back into the city for some awesome views of the Golden Gate. The sky was perfectly blue, the weather just right, and an amazing day for some hiking and smoking along the coast. It too, was my first time visiting Lands End. I usually prefer hanging out in The Marin Headlands across the bridge, but jumping off the paved path and scaling the mountains around the bridge was super exciting... and beautiful, of course.

We hit a couple more touristy spots on our way out of the city by grabbing some ice cream from Pier 31 and winding down Lombard Street. Back into East Bay where Indian food was for dinner. D's first time trying Indian, and I have to say... we may be on to something!

DAY 3: Solo Ventures + Our Fav Pizza Joint

I had to take this day for Temple. D explored the whole time I was working. This was a super productive day on site. After being gone for several consecutive days, it felt awesome to get back on the job. We busted out and finished all but 3 trusses!! This day was super rewarding and exciting alongside the hardworking team. I finished just in time for D and I to smash an entire pizza at cheeseboard. As much as we love a good pizza and dipping sauce combo, this place is literally our jam. We also got comfy and went to a theater in Emeryville to see Toy Story 4. Ways to make us happy: pizza + kids movies.

DAY 4: PCH Cruisin'

Yay! Been dreaming of the moment I finally got to see Big Sur. Who better to tackle this with than my PIC? If we know how to do anything together, it's spend long hours on car rides, singing, bickering, loving, laughing, dancing, site seeing and eating. We took a couple detours through some towns along the way, but drove the entire PCH trail to Big Sur. With only one day, we didn't go deep into the woods and really experience everything this vast forest has to offer, yet spent time on the coast, hiding away and playing in coves. It took us a while to find "the perfect spot" as I am hard to please and very demanding sometimes, but with patience and D's satisfaction of always being right, we ended up where he scoped out, and it was magical. I appreciate him always being down for photoshoots and getting creative with me in these picturesque settings. I highly recommend cruising the PCH in a topless car, maybe even topless yourself (if you know me).

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