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HELLO world! It’s me, (insert what you call me here.) Welcome to the start of something new. The time is summer 2019 and I am currently living in Berkeley, CA. (YAY).

I’m a complex person with so many thoughts, interests, passions, projects, and opinions. I’m obsessed with learning, sharing, and expressing all of these things. For some reason, in this conscious realm I’m existing in, the world decided to release technology at the fingertips of me and maybe you? I believe my age deemed me primary test rats for the outbreak of digital socialization. I remember life before, but have grown up as technology has as well. On the uprising of social media sites, we are both plagued and fortunate. What is too much sharing? Is shutting social sites completely out of our daily routine healthy? Will this all come back to bite us in the ass? Is this real life? Ugh, the list goes on.

Currently, I am only an Instagramer. Throughout my history I have used all social sites like Twitter and Snapchat. But, I found, Instagram allows me to basically do everything in one place, while expressing myself through imagery. Now, I find myself creating a website. An idea I have had for a while. As a creative, I need an outlet to share myself, brand myself, open up and post freely both professionally and personally. This feels a little more reserved and respectful of myself than social platforms, where as I get to focus more on designing and layout and less posting and waiting for response. We'll see where it leads...

Basically, that was a dump of my thoughts for this online debut. I plan to use this blog to share my story, my day to day fun. Ideally, I can use this as a journal and place to come spend a couple hours a day releasing my thoughts versus the long, drawn out scrolls through Instagram.

Stay tuned for more mindless writing and shared knowledge. I would love input, responses, debates and questions as I feel it will keep me active. I want all of your mindless writing and chatter here too. Let's create something. Thanks digital world, HELLO!

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