Wow! What a week. It has been super cool to jump into my creative self here and wake up everyday with the space and resources to create. On this weeks agenda: Interview number 3 with Dolls Kill for Social Media Art Curation, more temple building and a little work with the lighting team, AND the chance to build Sonic Runway on the pier for a Burning Man party. This really feels like I am attacking my purpose of this summer head on and making my last couple weeks here really count.

The Dolls Kill saga has been equally amazing and stressful. This is literally my dream company to be involved with. From my love of fashion to the interesting quirky installations, art, and graphics they share, to the lifestyle they create and promote, there is no question in my mind that I belong here. As all things come with balance, this opportunity has been tons of making pro/con charts, talking out the options, and a possible major uproot to my life. Taking a job here means leaving school to start a professional life in the most expensive city in America. Taking a job here means instant gratification of working for my dream company. Taking a job here means changing my long term plans and possibly interrupting my goals... SO! What do I do? Obviously, keep at it, show them my passion for the brand and hope for the best. This interview is basically a rundown of what I would be doing and (hopefully) the offer following. Butterflies in my stomach and in my tarot deck the night before. SYNCHRONICITY.

Working with temple this week is all preparation for loading the trucks. Packing stacks of pre-cut lumber, cutting more lumber, making sure labelling is to be understood, starting to clean our workspace. Kind of bittersweet but I realize just the start to really bringing this piece to life! Tuesday I got to sit in on lighting discussions and help layout a mock up of how a quarter of the light install will come together. My biggest take away was how difficult it is to organize the cords and how confusing it can be to wire everything correctly.

My friend Sorin mentioned she was working on a different art project this weekend and asked if I wanted to come along. With no hesitation, yes. It was a fundraising event hosted by the Mayan Warrior crew and Sonic Runway crew. The Sonic Runway was designed by Rob Jensen, a very amazing creative mind. Sonic Runway "is a light-art installation that converts audio signals into a pattern of lights that shoot down a corridor of arches at the speed on sound." I got the chance to lend a hand and really see the process of how this huge installation becomes a pop-up that we were able to build in a day! A super fucking dope location, and more opportunity to learn from amazing talent, meet new people, and produce some art to entertain and inspire others.

It's been super rewarding to actually create art. Physically donate my body to produce these installations and spaces. It feels too good. Like I'm meant to make these things. Learn from amazing people and one day, give others the chance to help with my work. INSPIRED to say the least. Attending the party and seeing this thing in use after understanding how it's built and how it works was super cool. It is awesome to feel a part of something, even if it's a small contribution you can offer, that small contribution offers you even more: growth, knowledge, and friends to list some.

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