So, at this point... I'd say you're pretty good at being "you". Like, even if your bad at being you, you're you and no one else, so that's awesome. It's like, you've been training and studying, and experimenting your whole life-- every second of every day that you've been alive? If you're you right now is mopey, draining, one top of the worrrrrld, there's going to be more yous to operate. I hope you're following... Every moment, our decisions and actions dictate the next move. When we choose what to 'do', we start shaping another "me". It's thinking like this: "What do I want to do?"... Then doing it. We've all seen it happen, really believing something would happen, and all of a sudden it does and you're there. Lost keys that show up a couple days later because your cat knocked them under the flower pot and your decision to plug in a phone charger behind the plant let to unexpected, exuberant success. It's what you do.

I'm in a real moment of sitting, talking, listening, hearing myself imagine what I want to do. All the ways to make it happen, the best way to approach and a step by step plan... simplify, simplify, simplify. I believe it takes a little thought, manifestation, prayer, chant, dance, ((whatever you do)) to set the course for a path.

It doesn't always have to be the GRANDEST scheme either... functionality tops the priorities. I've many times gotten super uncomfortable with feeling boring. I define that as, sitting in for one place too long, working without an end goal, I don't know, fuck, just staying relevant? But it's necessary to feel that way, to function on that pace. After feeling that way, it seems you can appreciate the feeling of sitting back so much more. Understanding that nothinggggg is impossible and basing your actions on what it is you wish to do, will carry you there swiftly, chi.

thanks kim, i hear you. xoxo

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