14 of 21 DAY INSCAPE

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Week 2 of exploring a new routine.

As mentioned in my last post, I am curiously exploring times of day in which I benefit most from my meditation practice, while also encouraging my partner along on this journey. The added layer of coordinating schedules has became a practice in itself.

Week one, we sat in the evening. The most consistent, easy approach was tuning in when we laid down to sleep. I wanted a different challenge for week two; sitting when we wake up. The difficultly? We have NOT been waking up at the same time or coordinating our morning routine. I have been on schedule with school, but have a habit of sleeping until last minute considering I can wear boxers to a formal review these days, (I mean, really?) I imagine when school is over, we can establish a morning ritual easier, without the strain of a schedule only I have to follow.

I do experience more benefits from morning meditation. It helps me approach the rest of the day with more patience and ease. I usually find I am more productive. I haven't wanted to be strict on waking D up, so we have missed a couple mornings. I have tried to remind myself that this is just the beginning of an established routine and it will take time. It's easy to get too hard on yourself or lose motivation when you realize you aren't perfect in practice, but this is all part of the practice :)

I realize (as we all can), meditation is not easy. Finding time in your day and dedicating yourself to this practice, flows into and informs more facets of your lifestyle. Challenges you face in other parts of your lifestyle will have a direct effect on your meditation practice. To jump into a 21 day journey is not to snap into a routine and be perfect at it. It's a space to start learning how to form a healthy routine and with this, losing other routines, morphing them into an activity that helps the practice, doesn't hinder it.

DAY 8: Sharpen Focus

DAY 9: Inner Freedom DAY 10: Evolve and Grow

DAY 11: Find Purpose

DAY 12: Overcome Your Fears

DAY 13: Quiet Confidence

DAY 14: Live Courageously

I have appreciated the topics this week and definitely feel more connected to (or a longing for) some more than others. Sharpen focus was right on par for me as I jump head first into finals.

Most of these sessions include a mantra practice, which I find to be one of the best ways to explore above my mental space. I have been working hard both in meditation and my asana practice in linking mantra to breath. I find that feeling a rhythm with the words and syncing the breath provides and sustains fluidity within as well as times each breath, each approach, almost identically.

For our final week, I plan to aim for morning meditation but enforce a night practice if the morning is missed. I hope to go the whole week practicing and really establish discipline.

My sessions have been 16 minutes and that really feels like the sweet spot... Centering, controlled breathing, mantra, mantra with breath, quiet time, and reflection.

"Sometimes the most eye-opening form of practicing, is forgetting to practice at all."


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