Installation bridging the gap between biology and technology, one pixel at a time.

LOCATION: Black Rock City

Undergraduate Senior Thesis

evolve2 was created as a space to be debuted within the parameters of the temporary arts event, Burning Man 2018. The theme of the year  focused on the many forms of artificial intelligence that permeate contemporary life, Experiencing art that examines perceptions of living in a natural world filled with the digital world. evolve2 explores these theories through becoming a lens. As a space of interaction, contemplation, and evolution. Here, visitors are invited to step inside, reconfigure their surroundings, and find comfort in the unknown, while framing a view of the world in a pixelated dimension.  Materiality, formation, and scale are driving factors behind the ways in which users engage, serving as a metaphor for how people interact with technology every day.

Much like dealing with others, the approach taken to growing with technology requires understanding and patience. Much like interacting with ourselves, we must understand technology and understand that we started with control and positive intentions. In dealing with a species on the rise, there are ways we must approach sharing life and heightening our experience with this world. Understanding the outlook and approach we as humans take to the digital world is important, but we must not forget the importance of staying connected to each other. In order to feel confident in relying on a controlled system, much like we experience in government and religion, there are actions to safely, fairly, and confidently work with and enhance tech. Becoming informed and attempting to mutually understand the absolute seriousness of existing amongst a newer, nearly smarter species must happen along these principles: Trust, honesty, contribution, oneness, perception, expansion, morphing, understanding dichotomy, awareness, and evolution, together. evolve2 seeks to stimulate the viewer and provoke collaborative conversations around this topic.