Hello out there,

The world of creation, the one I live in. Artistry is a gift of humankind. Inspired by shared pasts, excelling into imagined futures. Eyes. Hands. Bones. Muscles. Screens. Radios. Materials. Nature. Brains. Words. Vibrations. Movement. Personality. These portals and abilities we possess allow us, the world, access to art, color, emotions, information, inspiration, connection, senses, and space currently and consistently. With desire to dream and will to create, radical expression of self begins to surface. Moving away from the comfort of knowing, and taking a chance at what seems impossible is the incentive to cutting edge advancements in all forms. Thus, the power to infuse and invite art into living.


Through the lens of an interior designer, the core of this practice remains human centric.

I have studied design thinking and strategy when relating to the interior environments we inhabit for the past 5 years. It has been a shifting element for my world views, lifestyle, work ethic, and desire to travel. I believe design, architecture, and the built environment can touch every aspect of life and the capability to possess the knowledge of these crucial pieces of society as a whole is super important for a creator to understand.


Through the lens of a photographer, the core of this practice expresses beauty.

The ability to frame moments in time with a photograph was what inspired me to be an artist of some sort in the first place. The first times I ever experienced photographing anything came so naturally. I have spent many times alone with my camera, many places, many different circumstances. When I'm here, it never feels lonely. I believe photographs are a reflection of so many things, no matter the story. From scrapbooking to my first DSLR, the ability to photograph and be photographed has given me a sense of how truly beautiful moments can be, no matter the story.


Through the lens of a builder, the core of this practice contains practicality.

Coming from a computer nerd, design brain, the art of fabrication can be challenging. Real life, tangible material, to shape space in a specific way. The inquisition surrounding all factors working together to physically produce a mass in this world is incredible. Here, communication is a huge part of success, such is life. I am new to this realm of creating, but the technicality and precision I have already gained, informs my approach to other methods of life. 

Through the lens of a yogi, the core of this practice provides quiet introspection. 

I began yoga my freshman year of college as a means of body care post dance career. The practice always amazed me because during dance, stretching is something I hated. The patience around waiting and listening to your body seemed dull and hard to do. I realize that changing my perception of both stilling and challenging the body and mind, has given purpose to life and how impermanent each moment is. I completed a 200 HR training the summer of 2017. Boy, that was an introduction to how much I don't know but want to know about yoga. Since, I have found SmartFLOW. My teacher Annie, "believes that Yoga practice is a remarkable method for learning to steady the attention on what is actually happening in the moment. From this place, compassion and radical acceptance naturally evolve. Old mindsets of the illusion of separation, of me and them, and self and other, dissolve into the knowledge of wholeness." It's intense work and full of purpose.

Through the lens of an artist, the core of this practice seeks to push all boundaries. 

I realize in today's world, creating art that enhance everyday lives, spreads messages, and beneficially stimulates us can exist both digitally and physically. For thousands of years art has created a conscientious lens for working through, addressing and solving problems, creatively. It has always been a way to make sense of the world. Working in both nature and technology, I am constantly seeking to bridge the gap between these realms, moving into a space where they coexist and elevate the human experience, while supporting the home we inhabit because Earth is cool.

With all my heart,

I believe all of these personas plays a large roll in happiness, well being, and even the evolution of humanity. I believe we as humans have the ability to possess many strengths in a forever changing atmosphere that needs us to be the same; ever changing. Like the 12 photos you take before you get the perfect shot. That's why I study, to elevate my understanding of factors of life, to weave these expression outlets into so many more things. After all, we are at the hub of our own web, and what we gift to the world becomes radial structures, smoothing the construct that is life, connecting us to all that make up the universe. I believe life could be described by looking at a spider web, but we can save that for another time. Thus, a greatly growing radius I wish to contribute my energy, knowledge, and Self to, in search of the bigger picture. It's all possible, it all starts in the center; with self acceptance and radical expression.